10 more and 10 less

We have all been really absorbed in our ten more and 10 less learning. It is not easy but we are persevering. We just need to remember that the ones digit always stays the same!

Want to practice? Try the quiz below.

Today we have been historians…

Today we have been historians and explored a range of sources to try and gather information about what our school was like and how it has changed. We have looked at old photographs, old school log books and register books and newspaper articles. It was very tricky and we had to use our detective skills to think about what we could learn from the different sources of evidence. 

Although we found lots of interesting facts. Exploring the sources of evidence also raised more questions. Can you help us answer them? 

Prove it!

Today we made links to our place value learning and stretched our collaboration and perseverance muscle to tackle  a tricky maths investigation that explored how tens and ones can make up hundreds and vice versa. After deep thinking we found out some great facts: 

10 ones are equal to 1 ten

100 ones are equal to 1 hundred 

10 tens ar equal to  1 hundred

We all then answered this reasoning question with a great big ‘NO!’

However, can you explain why and prove it? Add your answers to the padlet below. 

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